Considering that U.S. society, and likely all of human civilization is collapsing into capitalist-imperialist-climate-change-induced anarchy/ chaos/ hardscrabble-refugee-serfdom/ possible species extinction…well, it seemed like a good idea to at least try to provide (for free) some of our favorite scholarship/ philosophy/ theory/ criticism/ humor, covering a large range of interests/ study, to any of our possibly like-minded the hope that it’s still possible to stall/ slow down/ transform any of the (many!) catastrophic/ terrifying social, political, environmental and spiritual directions that we are so blazingly, clumsily heading in (and also just for fun!) 


EDITOR’S NOTE: As it would take way, way too long to copy the entire original/ full texts here, these are necessarily shorter excerpts (*mostly between 20 and 50 pages) from all of these works; IE by definition all of these have been taken out of the original longer-form contexts/ sequences they were meant to be read in (often significantly, as well as in a few instances omitting the accompanying artwork.)…we just figured it would still be worthwhile to get all this stuff out there as a kind of primer (+ um, tease?)…making it incumbent upon y’all to seek out the work of these brilliant thinkers yourselves (+ links to purchase the full works are also included here.)  


We’ve tried to include a reasonably diverse range of perspectives, but please bear in mind that this is our first shot at this, and we will humbly expand it gradually/ accordingly, etc. Our intent here is to present some (hopefully) new ideas/ perspectives in order to get people thinking, talking, and acting/ MOVING. so: dig in and enjoy, fight the power, and let’s stick it to the fucking man!! PEACE! NETHERLANDS